• 18,70

    Red cabbage pie

    morel mushroom stew

    winter vegetables

    L, (G)

  • 14,80

    Vegan pasta

    gluten free spaghetti, gentle chili

    garlic, green olives

    VEG, G

  • 22,50

    Vendaces fried in butter

    fried vendaces 200g.

    mashed potatoes, lemon dill sauce

    garlic caper mayonnaise, winter vegetables

    L, G

  • 23,00

    Vegan Burger (100 %)

    house made vegetable patty, wedged potatoes

    vegan cheddar flavour, marinated red onion

    vegan mayonnaise, paprika-jalopeno compote

    VEG, NUT, (G)

  • 25,80

    Fried Finnish Salmon

    170g. fried salmon, rich barley risotto with forest mushrooms and parmesan

    grilled asparagus and tomato, sour coriander sauce

    L, (G)


  • 64,50

    Artic Ocean King Crab

    ( Only available when ordered 24 hours in advance. )

    Artic Ocean king crableg 350 g

    Lumi’s chili, lemon and garlic mayo

    whole shrimps, toast

    L, (G)